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Our vision is a world in which all children, and all people, flourish.
We can promote that vision by sharing our experience and expertise with you.

COPA National has been working with organizations, communities, and individuals to facilitate comprehensive culture change for over 25 years. We are recognized both for the deep connections we create with our clients, and for the effectiveness of the innovative programs and resources we design and implement for them.

Our practical and inspiring approach to creating safe, inclusive, and equitable environments is evidence-based and founded on principles of social justice and feminism. Everything we do is designed to challenge entrenched mindsets and offer practical tools for positive social change. 

COPA National can carry out a needs assessment with your organization and create a comprehensive action plan to address a crisis or an ongoing sticky problem. We will collaborate with you on a customized solution, coach you and your team through the process, and provide training and professional development. Our goal is to increase the capacity of your organization to respond effectively to interrupt and prevent all forms of oppression: violence, bullying, gender-based discrimination, sexual harassment, racism, and so on.

We work with a diverse variety of organizations: teacher's unions, schools and school boards, universities, daycares, government ministries, community organizations, professional organizations, and settlement agencies. Call or email us so we can start talking about how we can work with your community.

As provincial coordinators of the Francophone settlement workers in schools in Ontario, we developed an innovative system to accompany newly arrived parents and children as they integrate into the educational system and their new society. We would love to share this with you, as its success has been one of COPA's crowning achievements.

We have also worked extensively within Inuit, Metis, and First Nations communities, collaborating on grassroots initiatives that address long term problems rooted in colonialism and racism. With the support and allyship of Elders and Knowledge Keepers, we have adapted these initiatives to support the implementation of the basic principles of Reconciliation in schools, community organizations and workplaces.

COPA National is a Francophone organization that has equal capacity in English. We are deeply rooted in our vibrant Franco-Ontarian community and are proud to have contributed to its flourishing over the past 25 years.

For more information, contact us at

Whole School Programming​

When we work with educators and parents as well as students, we have the opportunity to create deep and long-term systemic change in schools. Our whole school programs are rooted in anti-oppression practice and principles of social justice, and their aim is to equip individuals and collectives with tools and strategies that promote positive social change. Our programming has been developed and tested over many years of working with thousands of students, educators and families. We meet people all the time that remember receiving COPA National programming as kids and who talk about what a difference it made in their lives.

We have programs targeted to students of all ages, from pre-school through high school. The programs provide information and skills to students, parents, guardians, caregivers, and school staff, enabling them to reduce and prevent all forms of bullying and violence—including verbal, physical, sexual and emotional, within their school. Kids learn about their rights and the rights of others, about peer support, adult support, self esteem, consent, responsibilities and more. Skilled facilitators employ discussion, role playing, puppet play (for young kids), self-defense principles and other activities to engage and inform both kids and adults.

We will work with you to design programming that is specific to the situation and needs that exist in your school and schoolboard. We can work with your school community online and in-person, and collaborate with you to create a plan for programming that will create a safe and inclusive environment in which everyone thrives and flourishes. 

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