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Consent culture

Consent Culture

A workshop about sexual and gender-based violence and harassment for educators, case workers, college and university students, and  teachers-in-training

This workshop is dedicated to the prevention of sexual violence and harassment at school. Educators will learn more about sexual violence, expand their capacity to provide appropriate support to young people who speak up about a sexual assault situation, and develop their ability to identify survivors of sexual violence. In the course of this workshop, they will acquire tools and strategies to support high-risk students and intervene successfully in sexual or gender-based harassment.

En Route Toward Consent

How to talk to kids about consent, a workshop for educators, parents, and caregivers

This workshop will empower educators, parents, and caregivers to have those difficult conversations about consent with students. Educators will develop the capacity to communicate to their students the complexity of consent and rights, and how not having authentic, informed and free and clear consent takes away the rights of others.