Bouncy and the Any Kind at All Fish

Bouncy and the Any Kind at All Fish


Story number 3 of the series of three beautiful storybooks for young children featuring themes related to bullying prevention, belonging and support for our children. They include gentle messages of listening, kindness, caring, compassion and courage.


The largest group of people involved in most bullying situations are those known as witnesses. In COPA National’s storybook, Bouncy and the Any Kind at All Fish we can see that many people can be negatively affected by a bullying situation, even though they are not being targeted directly.


Many children and teens are capable of the kinds of small everyday acts of courage and kindness that nurture a safe and healthy environment. At COPA National we believe that young people can become each others’ allies, and that peer support is a very important part of eliminating violence from their lives.

Large format versions are fantastic for group readings!