Problem-Solving Together

Problem-Solving Together


COPA's Tool for Empowerment

Put COPA’s unique problem-solving approach into practice using this easy-to-use booklet. 


This is a wonderful tool that is small enough to keep in your pocket or your purse, on your desk or in your car! It has step-by-step instructions for how to work with young people to solve problems and contains simple but effective strategies for supporting them through sticky situations.


We can offer support to children who are struggling with a problem, and help them become effective at solving problems, by being fully present and listening very carefully. When we allow children to share their concerns as they see them, and to be key players in addressing them, we create space to become empowered and meet life’s many challenges.


Conversely, stepping in to fix children’s problems can undermine their ability to manage difficulties. It may seem easier, in the short run, for us to come up with strategies we think are appropriate; in the long term we shortchange our children, and in so doing are likely to reduce the likelihood of improving the situation. Also, children are more likely to follow through on an action plan when they are meaningfully involved in creating it.