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Our Power in Adversity (COMING SOON)

A new whole-school program designed to increase collective and individual resilience post-COVID-19.

Our Power in Adversity addresses the impact of the pandemic, cyberbullying, and wellness of self, family, and peers. It aims to increase the capacity of communities to develop and implement effective strategies to build resilience.


Especially relevant during and after COVID-19, this comprehensive program was developed initially for Franco-Ontarian community organizations, but its success led us to adapt it to a wide range of organizations and communities. Participants are empowered through sharing experiences and acquiring practical resources for resilience, and the individual and the collective are strengthened.

  • Elementary Schools (grades 4-6)

    • An in-person workshop for students

    • An in-person or virtual workshops for parents and guardians

    • An in-person or virtual workshop for  school personnel

  • Secondary Schools (grades 9-12)

    • An in-person workshop targeted to secondary students

    • An in-person or virtual workshop for parents and guardians

    • An in-person or virtual workshop for  school personnel


​Interested in more information? Read our blog post on Our Power in Adversity.

Bridging Intergenerational Conflict

Our new program to help build healthy and equitable relations intergenerationally, intended for newly arrived parents, caregivers, and all school/board staff

This workshop is designed for parents, caregivers, and teachers, to raise awareness about the development of adolescents and help build healthy and equal relationships intergenerationally. Intergenerational conflict in newly arrived families will be the focus as immigration can have particularly negative effects on relationships between parents, children and youth - which affects family stability.


We will focus on youth aged 12 to 18 and look at their experiences, as well as the injustices and harm they suffer at different levels during their integration. We discuss the different stages of youth development and how that impacts integration. We will also talk about the way that youth are perceived in North American society and how that also affects their development. We will end the workshop with a short exercise on the impact of traditional socialization. By talking about these themes and the systemic injustices youth aged 12 to 18 are confronted with every day, we encourage newly arrived parents to better understand their children’s situation with the hope that it will help reduce intergenerational conflicts.

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