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Previously known as le Centre ontarien de prévention des agressions, COPA was founded in 1995 by Lisa Weintraub and Kathryn Penwill in response to numerous requests from Franco-Ontarian groups all around the province for training and information about assault prevention education programs for children and youth.



The mission of COPA National is to prevent violence, bullying, and child abuse by offering simple and effective tools and resources that promote positive social change. Since its founding, COPA National has offered programming to almost 200,000 children, not to mention many other stakeholders such as parents, educators, and community members.



At the heart of COPA National's work is a commitment to ensuring that everyone—youth, parents, guardians and caretakers, school staff, support staff, associated professionals, and community workers—has the capacity and knowledge to foster safe, strong and free school and community environments.

Areas of expertise

COPA National offers training, facilitation, and program design, as well as consultation and accompaniment in two areas: violence prevention and support for settlement workers in schools (SWIS).


Violence prevention: The programming and resources offered by COPA National are evidence-based and founded on principles of equity and inclusive education. The resources are designed to reach all those who may be vulnerable or marginalized, those who may not have a voice, and all who are at risk of being excluded.

SWIS workers: COPA National has created and implemented a successful model to facilitate the integration and thriving of newly arrived students in Francophone schools through resources, training, and professional development for settlement workers in schools (SWIS).

Support COPA National

Charitable registration number: 860588656RR002

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