High School

Bullying prevention

 Power to Change

An empowerment-based approach to learning and violence prevention for educators

This one-day workshop explores the issue of bullying at school. Using role-play, interactive group work and discussion, participants will learn more about the scope of the problem, distinguishing between daily conflict and bullying, and appropriate strategies for intervention and prevention. Participants share experiences and practical strategies in a format designed to enhance their capacity and confidence so that they can identify bullying situations and respond constructively. Participants have opportunities to develop skills for immediate application in their daily work lives, whether in the classroom, lunchroom, hallways, bus or playground. This workshop is also available in an adapted format for principals and VPs.

Strategies for Change

A 2-hour bullying prevention workshop for parents, families, and caregivers

An evening workshop offered to parents and caregivers in which participants learn about bullying, how to recognize it and help prevent it. They will also learn how to offer effective and constructive support to children who may be involved in bullying, in a way that focuses on reflection, learning and change.

Child Assault Prevention (CAP) CAPP Project 

Whole-school violence prevention education program for elementary school students in the 1st to 6th grade. A preschool and kindergarten version is also available: CAPP Preschool

CAPP is an empowerment-based prevention program and one of COPA National's core offerings. It is designed to help children and the adults in their community identify, prevent and respond appropriately to situations of aggression and violence. During these positive and interactive sessions, students learn about rights, assertiveness, peer support, and adult support. Sexual, physical, verbal and psychological aggression prevention is presented in an engaging, positive and age-appropriate fashion with strong student participation; using games, songs, stories, self-defense, discussion, role plays and child size puppets. Students learn to recognize aggression and assault, and to protect their own and others’ rights in a constructive manner using strategies of self assertion, peer support and adult support.

Staff and parent workshops are offered prior to the student workshops.

Please note that this program is available in Quebec only through the local providers. You can find them listed here.